Our Partners
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Farragut Chiropractic CenterKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
ChiroCare | Dr. Aaron Ferguson, DCSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Fields Family Chiropractic | Dr. Adam FieldsSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Financial District Chiropractic | Dr. Kai Tiltmann, DC and Dr. Kris Blum, DCSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
First Choice Medical ClinicBossier CityLAWellness/Weight Management
Fitwell Chiropractic Sports Medicine | Lisa Covey, DC and Heather Maxwell, DCSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Fliss Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Edward Fliss, DCSarasotaFLWellness/Weight Management
*Health *Exercise *Rejuvenation | Dr. Sherry Fong, DCDaly CityCAWellness/Weight Management
Knoxville Chiropractic Clinic | Larry Formanek, DCKnoxvilleIAWellness/Weight Management
Free Chiropractic Centre | Brandon Forrester, DCClevelandTNWellness/Weight Management
Frisk Airline ChiropracticBossier CityLAWellness/Weight Management
Valley Chiropractic | Dr. Rachel Frozenfar, DCLos AltosCAWellness/Weight Management
Palo Alto Chiropractor | Dr. Chuck FulanovichPalo AltoCAWellness/Weight Management
Furda Mary Ann, DCPalo AltoCAWellness/Weight Management
Jackson's Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center | Dr. Matthew Gajkowski, DCAkronOHWellness/Weight Management
Gandee Chiropractic Life CenterAkronOHWellness/Weight Management
Garrick ChiropracticActonCAWellness/Weight Management
Geary Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Anthony Chau, DC and Dr. Terrena Miller, DCSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Westside Family Chiropractic | Dr. Steven BretowBerkeleyCAWellness/Weight Management
Health infusion | Dr. Sunil Verma, DCSunnyvaleCAWellness/Weight Management
Gilcher ChiropracticAkronOHWellness/Weight Management
Melrose Chiropractic | Dr. Steven Gillis, DCLos AngelesCAWellness/Weight Management
Clarksville Chiropractic Center | Dr. Kenneth GilmanClarksvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Potrero Chiropractors & Acupuncture | Dr. Frank Gilson, DCSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Active Chiropractic Healthcare | Dr. Tammy Bohné New YorkNYWellness/Weight Management
Louisiana Health & Injury Centers | Drs. Michael Goff & Shari LewisBaton RougeLAWellness/Weight Management
American Chiropractic Center | Dr. Markus Striebeck, DCSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Good Life Chiropractic | Dr. Manfred AlkhasCampbellCAWellness/Weight Management
Gramlich Karri DCPinevilleLAWellness/Weight Management
Grand Avenue Chiropractic | Dr. Edward Lloyd and Dr. Brady MooreSan DiegoCAWellness/Weight Management
Grant Lewis Dr ChiroprctrOak GroveLAWellness/Weight Management
Greenacres Chiropractic & Physical Therapy | Dr. Robert Rougeau, DCBossier CityLAWellness/Weight Management
Gulf Coast Chiropractic Center | Drs. Joshua Imig & Craig PoguePort CharlotteFLWellness/Weight Management
Hall Chiropractic | Dr. Curtis HallAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Ansley Chiropractic Associates | Dr. Brian KnightAtlantaGAWellness/Weight Management
Hamilton Chiropractic Offices | Dr. Mik HamiltonBerkeleyCAWellness/Weight Management
Hands of Life | Dr. Maria Rodriguez, DCMiami SpringsFLWellness/Weight Management
Harbor Bay Chiropractic | Dr. Kimball WongAlamedaCAWellness/Weight Management
Harris Sports & Family Chiropractic | Dr. Theresa HarrisMetairieLAWellness/Weight Management
North Florida Spine and Wellness Institute | Drs. David Hartz & Matthew ZaidemanTallahasseeFLWellness/Weight Management
Harvey Chiropractic ClinicPinevilleLAWellness/Weight Management
Harvey Michael T Dr ChiroprctrMonroeLAWellness/Weight Management
Hawk Robert G DCKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Hawthorne- Randy B Dr Chiroprctr DCBastropLAWellness/Weight Management
Medical Rehab Accident Injury Center | Dr. Michael HaydelMetairieLAWellness/Weight Management
Head Randy MDMonroeLAWellness/Weight Management
Healing Touch Chiropractic ClinicSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Healthfirst Chiropractic Clinic | Drs. Brian Longworth and Steve GandeeAkronOHWellness/Weight Management
Chiropractic Wellness Center | Dr. Fred HeardBaton RougeLAWellness/Weight Management
Pride Chiropractic | Mark Heltemes, DCOaklandCAWellness/Weight Management
Henderson Chiropractic | Dr. Robert Henderson, DCAkronOHWellness/Weight Management
Hensley Wellness Center | Dr. Charles HensleyAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Heritage Sports Chiropractic and Wellness Center | Dr. Jason PeaseAlpharettaGAWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Virginia Hernly, DCSan MateoCAWellness/Weight Management
Carolina Chiropractic Wellness Group | Dr. Jason Boehme HickoryNCWellness/Weight Management
Higginbotham ChiropracticRustonLAWellness/Weight Management
Hikari Chiropractic | Koichi Naruishi, DCBerkeleyCAWellness/Weight Management
Hillcrest Chiropractic Center PC | Dr. Joshua PriceClarksvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Richard Hingel, DCSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Hirsch Chiropractic Wellness Center | Michael Hirsch, DCOaklandCAWellness/Weight Management
Hoewisch Family Chiropractic | Dr. David Hoewisch, DCSanta ClaraCAWellness/Weight Management
Homestead Chiropractic Group | Dr. Christian LundCupertinoCAWellness/Weight Management
Align Chiropractic Center in Union City | Dr. Ross ClarkUnion CityTNWellness/Weight Management
Horner David H DrManyLAWellness/Weight Management
Hosenfeld Chiropractic | Dr. Andy HosenfeldKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Huff Family Chiropractic CenterMansfieldLAWellness/Weight Management
Hurst Grady B DCKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
First Choice Chiropractic | Dr. Matthew Lester and Dr. John BarberKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Alternative Chiropractic Center | Dr. Elliott SmithDenverCOWellness/Weight Management
Imhotep Chiropractic & Wellness Center | Dr. K. Tutashinda, DCBerkeleyCAWellness/Weight Management
In Line Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center | Dr. Abby Irwin, DCOaklandCAWellness/Weight Management
Independence Chiropractic ClinicAlexandriaLAWellness/Weight Management
Innersport Chiropractic | Drs. Jessica Greaux and Sandy BairdBerkeleyCAWellness/Weight Management
Institute of Integrative HealthKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Island Chiropractic | Dr. Leslie PrinsAlamedaCAWellness/Weight Management
Veech Sports Chiropractic | Dr. Andrew VeechNew YorkNYWellness/Weight Management
Johnston Chiropractic Clinic Inc | Dr. Paul Johnston, DCShreveportLAWellness/Weight Management
Jolibois ChiropracticBaton RougeLAWellness/Weight Management
Just 4 Your Health Therapeutic MassageSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
KJAR Chiropractic | Sherrie Newland-Kjar, DCAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Vacula Chiropractic | Dr. Dorothy VaculaAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Chiropractic Naturally | Dr. Jennifer Lanett, DCBerkeleyCAWellness/Weight Management
Kapsner Chiropractic CentersAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Kauffman Chiropractic | Joe Kauffman, DCAtlantaGAWellness/Weight Management
Kelley Chiropractic | Dr. Williem KelleyKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Timothy Kelly, DCAtlantaGAWellness/Weight Management
Kern Chiropractic & TeamCare MedicalNew OrleansLAWellness/Weight Management
Dr. James LoConte, DCLos AltosCAWellness/Weight Management
King Mercer L DCWest MonroeLAWellness/Weight Management
Lookout Valley Chiropractic | Dr. Neil KjosChattanoogaTNWellness/Weight Management
Walnut Creek Chiropractor | Dr. Darryl Klawitter, DCWalnut CreekCAWellness/Weight Management
Knoxville Family ChiropracticKnoxvilleILWellness/Weight Management
Kolenda Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Thomas Kolenda, DCAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Koller Chiropractic | Dr. John Koller AkronPAWellness/Weight Management
Kowalski Chiropractic Center | Dr. Deborah KowalskiNashvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Lake Anna Chiropractic | April Zink, DCBarbertonOHWellness/Weight Management
Lake Norman Chiropractic Center | Dr. Todd Fulton Abernathy, DC MooresvilleNCWellness/Weight Management
Lakeview Family ChiropractorsLakeviewMIWellness/Weight Management
Latimer Chiropractic | Dr. Richard LatimerSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Milpitas Spine Center | Dr. Dhanish Patel & Dr. Scott RileyMilpitasCAWellness/Weight Management