Our Partners
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Lawrence Chiropractic Clinic- Inc.ShreveportLAWellness/Weight Management
Leist Chiropractic ClinicBakerLAWellness/Weight Management
Lensgraf A Douglas DCKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Lensgraf ClinicKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Levitt Chiropractic Center | Drs. Barry Levitt & Erick DaesMiamiFLWellness/Weight Management
Lewis Family Chiropractic | Dr. Sam LewisStreetsboroOHWellness/Weight Management
Life Center Chiropractic | Drs. Jeremy Brook & Mike IsseksLos AngelesCAWellness/Weight Management
Life Chiropractic | Drs. Alan Davis & Austin DavisOaklandCAWellness/Weight Management
Lindsay Dean R DCAlexandriaLAWellness/Weight Management
Living Wellness Chiropractic | Drs. Jarrett Cohen, Lauren Cohen and Vanessa StylesBaltimoreMDWellness/Weight Management
Logan Chiropractic and Wellness Center | Dr. Debora Logan, DCAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Walker Chiropractic | Dr. Chris WalkerAugustaGAWellness/Weight Management
Los Altos Family Chiropractic Wellness | Dr. Charmaine Tu, DCLos AltosCAWellness/Weight Management
Lowery Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Christopher Lowery, DCTallahasseeFLWellness/Weight Management
Lucas Chiropractic ClinicBastropLAWellness/Weight Management
Rincon Chiropractic & Massage | Dr. Marshall Luck and Dr. Michael KemperSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
MOUK Healing CenterBaton RougeLAWellness/Weight Management
Mt. Juliet Chiropractic | Drs. Michael and Robin ProettaMount JulietTNWellness/Weight Management
MacAulay Family Chiropractic | Dr. Graham MacAulaySan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Madison Square Chiropractic & Wellness | Dr. Greg ShureNew YorkNYWellness/Weight Management
Madisonville Chiropractic ClinicMadisonvilleLAWellness/Weight Management
Magnolia Chiropractic | Dr. Stephanie BridwellSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Malek Chiropractic and Wellness | Dr. Eva Malek, DCCupertinoCAWellness/Weight Management
Mandeville ChiropracticMandevilleLAWellness/Weight Management
Marina Chiropractic | Dr. Kirsti NeelySan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Mark Pierce Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Mark PierceJacksonvilleFLWellness/Weight Management
Market Street Chiropractic San FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Marksville Chiropractic ClinicMarksvilleLAWellness/Weight Management
Vitality Health Center | Dr. Rishi KapoorNapervilleILWellness/Weight Management
Martello ChiropracticBaton RougeLAWellness/Weight Management
Martin's Massage TherapyMonroeLAWellness/Weight Management
Matthews Chiropractic ClinicJacksonMSWellness/Weight Management
Mauldin Heinrich Chiropractic | Drs. Kimberly Mauldin Heinrich & Alvin MauldinAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Mayfield Chiropractic WestWest MonroeLAWellness/Weight Management
Mayfield- Gregory J DCMonroeLAWellness/Weight Management
New Life Chiropractic | Drs. Janet McCaffrey and Julia MasonSan CarlosCAWellness/Weight Management
Chiropractic Nashville | Dr.Chad McClellanNashvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
McCracken Chiropractic | Dr. Christopher McCrackenCalhounGAWellness/Weight Management
Holistic Chiropractor | Dr. Ricky FishmanSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
McGinnis Chiropractic | Tina McGinnis, DCSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
McGraw Chiropractic ClinicManyLAWellness/Weight Management
McLaughlin Chiropractic | Dr. Franya McLaughlinKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Kevin Minney, DC - Your Professional Partner In WellnessAlamedaCAWellness/Weight Management
Chiropractic Memphis | Drs. Mark Wallace, Matt Hayden, Dave Kellenberger & Alan ArstikaitisMemphisTNWellness/Weight Management
Messimer Chiropractic | Dr. James MessimerBristolTNWellness/Weight Management
Mills Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. John HofmannChattanoogaTNWellness/Weight Management
Mills Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Keith MillsClevelandTNWellness/Weight Management
San Mateo Chiropractor | Dr. Floyd MiƱana, Dr.San MateoCAWellness/Weight Management
Makati Chiropractic Center | Dr. Ronald Mitchell, DCPacificaCAWellness/Weight Management
Monta Vista Family Chiropractic | Dr. Lisa Stein and Dr. David SaberCupertinoCAWellness/Weight Management
Harpeth Chiropractic Center | Dr. James Moore, DCNashvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Provance Chiropractic Sports Family Rehab | Drs. Gerry Provance, James Rizer and Peter BuiMetairieLAWellness/Weight Management
Morgan Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. James Morgan, DCAkronINWellness/Weight Management
Moss Bluff Chiropractic ClinicLake CharlesLAWellness/Weight Management
Most Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Bridget MostMurfreesboroTNWellness/Weight Management
Motion Chiropractic and Acupuncture | Dr. Tara Ritter, DCDenverCOWellness/Weight Management
Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Specialties | Dr. Robert BeckSlidellLAWellness/Weight Management
Lueders Chiropractic Center | Dr. Seth Lueders, DCSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Murphy Chiropractic ClinicMonroeLAWellness/Weight Management
Sweeney Chiropractic | Dr. Jim SweeneyNashvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Natchitoches Chiropractic - Wetherington George E DCNatchitochesLAWellness/Weight Management
Universal Chiropractic | Dr. Terrance StackwoodSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Fillmore Health Center | Dr. Audrey Egan, D.CSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Nebben Chiropractic Center | Dr. Loren NebbenClarksvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
New York Chiropractic Life Center | Drs. Jay, Josh and Morgan HandtNew YorkNYWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Michael Newman, DCMiamiFLWellness/Weight Management
Newton Chiropractic | Dr. Gary Newton San JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Nielson ChiropracticKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
First Wellness | Dr. Hunter Owen AustinTXWellness/Weight Management
North Georgia Spinal Associates | Drs. Raymond Caputo, Kelly McCormick and Sam KashaniWoodstockGAWellness/Weight Management
North Market Chiropractic ClinicShreveportLAWellness/Weight Management
North Oakland Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. William Ruch, DCOaklandCAWellness/Weight Management
North Valley Chiropractic Center | Dr. Tiffany HoSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Northside Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Jeff ScheuermannSlidellLAWellness/Weight Management
Northside ChiropracticKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Norwood ChiropracticKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Nosser & Nosser Chiropractic | Dr. Thomas NosserShreveportLAWellness/Weight Management
Nova Chiropractic | Drs. Heather & Melissa ShawSanta ClaraCAWellness/Weight Management
Novelli Chiropractic Clinic | Drs.Timothy Novelli & Vincent BrechbillNorth CantonOHWellness/Weight Management
O'Hara Chiropractic Center | Dr. Thomas O'Hara, DCSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
O'Neal Chiropratic Health Center | Dr. Edmund O'Neal, DCBossier CityLAWellness/Weight Management
OKAI Chiropractic ClinicSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Oakbay Chiropractic | Drs. Mylo Magtoto, Sidharth Verma & Jan CorwinOaklandCAWellness/Weight Management
Oakdale Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Ross RamseyOakdaleLAWellness/Weight Management
Omni Wellness Center | Dr. David Yoo, DCLos AngelesCAWellness/Weight Management
Opachich Wellness Center | Dr. Patrick Opachich, DCJacksonvilleFLWellness/Weight Management
San Francisco Spine Pain Relief Center | Dr. Lonna Denny, DCSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Ozark Chiropractic Clinic | Drs. Gregory Nelson, Mark Aucoin & Vanessa AucoinBaton RougeLAWellness/Weight Management
Patrick Tribble Chiropractic | Drs. Patrick Tribble & Joshua SilverBerkeleyCAWellness/Weight Management
Pain & Injury Center of North Fulton | Dr. Regina SyedAlpharettaGAWellness/Weight Management
Pain 2 Wellness Center | Dr. Winston Carhee Jr. and Dr. Chantaye CarheeAtlantaGAWellness/Weight Management
HealthFit Chiropractic Center | Drs. Greg Vrankovich, Laura Landgraf & Andrew MukaiOaklandCAWellness/Weight Management
Panchur Chiropractic Wellness Centre | Dr. Jennifer PanchurWadsworthOHWellness/Weight Management
Park Ridge Chiropractic Center | Drs. Patrick Sallarulo & Edward Cordovado AtlantaGAWellness/Weight Management
Peak Performance Chiropractic | Dr. Bill Tarr, DCMenlo ParkCAWellness/Weight Management
Penge Chiropractic Health Center | Dr. Joseph PengeSarasotaFLWellness/Weight Management
Peninsula Chiropractic Center | Drs. Shirlin Wong, Richard Cheung and Mary-Bonita ChanBurlingameCAWellness/Weight Management
Performance ChiropracticMandevilleLAWellness/Weight Management
Phoenician Health Group | Drs. Majera Majidi & Ramon EsquerdoPhoenixAZWellness/Weight Management
Wellness Revolution Health Center | Dr. Michael Pierce, DCSanta ClaraCAWellness/Weight Management