Our Partners
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Pinhook Chiropractic ClinicLafayetteLAWellness/Weight Management
Pinhook Chiropractor ClinicLafayetteLAWellness/Weight Management
Pinnacle Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center | Drs. Justin Herceg & Craig BanksCuyahoga Falls,OHWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Lyresa Pleskovitch ChiropracticPalo AltoCAWellness/Weight Management
Whole Life Energy | Dr. Lisa Polevoy, DCBerkeleyCAWellness/Weight Management
Powell Chiropractic Center | Dr. Donald WegenerPowellTNWellness/Weight Management
Pratt Family ChiropracticLafayetteLAWellness/Weight Management
Price Chiropractic Office | Dr. Tracy PriceAthensTNWellness/Weight Management
Primary Care Chiropractic Center | Dr. Russell RadicanMemphisTNWellness/Weight Management
Proactive Healthcare | Dr. Mark Lucas, DCSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Rabalais R A DrPinevilleLAWellness/Weight Management
Integrated Health Care | Dr. Shawn BekPalo AltoCAWellness/Weight Management
Mckittrick, Lundell, Dc - Red Chute Chiropractic ClinicHaughtonLAWellness/Weight Management
Kotzan Chiropractic | Dr. Phil Kotzan, DCSan CarlosCAWellness/Weight Management
Spine & Sports Institute | Dr. Vid JindalSunnyvaleCAWellness/Weight Management
Rivera Chiropractic Group | Drs. Matthew Rivera, Steven Roh, Lisa Pierotti, Robert Linford, Ian Smith and Douglas HusbandsSan CarlosCAWellness/Weight Management
Riverside Clinic of Chiropractic | Dr. David AllenClarksvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Robertson Chiropractic | Dr. Steven RobertsonNashvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Rock Chiropractic | Dr. Paul McCartneyAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Union Square Spinal Care | Dr. Leonard RosenblumNew YorkNYWellness/Weight Management
WholeHealth Chicago | Dr. Paul Rubin, DCChicagoILWellness/Weight Management
Jill Ruesch-Lane, D.C.Los AngelesCAWellness/Weight Management
Rumbolt Chiropractic OfficeKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Pain And Health Solutions and Runne Chiropractic | Dr. Eugene RunneMaryvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Rymer Chiropractic OfficeAthensTNWellness/Weight Management
Safko Chiropractic and Massage | Dr. Ron Safko, DCNew YorkNYWellness/Weight Management
Aranibar Chiropractic | Dr. Jorge AranibarSan BrunoCAWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Keith Sanders, DCCupertinoCAWellness/Weight Management
Leading Edge Sport & Spine | Dr. James SchantzRoswellGAWellness/Weight Management
Scoles Family Chiropractic | Dr. Andrew ScolesKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Score Clinic | Dr. Ted H. Omura, Dr. Travis Ryan, and Dr. Tomo Harada San JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Scott Family ChiropracticLovelandCOWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Gary Seghi, DCAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Shephard Chiropractic | Scott ShephardPortlandORWellness/Weight Management
Shoemaker Chiropractic Physical Medicine CenterChalmetteLAWellness/Weight Management
Baiata Chiropractic | Dr. Nicholas Baiata, DCNew YorkNYWellness/Weight Management
Century Center Chiropractic | Dr. Simon Jared, DCAtlantaGAWellness/Weight Management
Simpson Chiropractic Center | Dr. Tony SimpsonAthensGAWellness/Weight Management
Skye Chiropratic | Dr. Gregory SkyeBrentwoodTNWellness/Weight Management
Slidell Chiropractic Clinic | Drs. William and Brett ChapelSlidellLAWellness/Weight Management
Smith Chiropractic CenterRustonLAWellness/Weight Management
Smith Chiropractic CenterCullenLAWellness/Weight Management
Smith Chiropractic | Dr. Eric Smith, DCEl CerritoCAWellness/Weight Management
Active Care Chiropractic | Dr. Jennifer K. SmithChattanoogaTNWellness/Weight Management
Sonnier Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. J.C. "Butch" SonnierBaton RougeLAWellness/Weight Management
South City Chiropractic | Dr. Alden SoohooSouth San FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Family Health Group | Drs. Donald Ajlouni, DCSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Hamilton Mill Chiropractic | Dr. Terry Southerland, DCDaculaGAWellness/Weight Management
Southside Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Kenneth WojcikShreveportLAWellness/Weight Management
Sparlin Health Care | Dr. Eugene SparlinAtlantaGAWellness/Weight Management
Spector Chiropractic | Dr. Norman Spector & Dr. Alyssa SmithBaltimoreMDWellness/Weight Management
Urban Wellness Clinic | Dr. Emily KiberdNew YorkNYWellness/Weight Management
Stanford Chiropractic Center | Dr. Gavin Carr, DCPalo AltoCAWellness/Weight Management
Steffins Family ChiropracticWest MonroeLAWellness/Weight Management
Alfred Sherry DC, PABaltimoreMDWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Grady M. Stimits, DC ShreveportLAWellness/Weight Management
Stow-Kent Chiropractic | Drs. Michael Shimmel, Martin Vaught & Katie HollandStowOHWellness/Weight Management
Strickland Chiropractic | Drs. Ken and Sandy StricklandHuntsvilleALWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Roy Strickland, DCAlexandriaLAWellness/Weight Management
Johnson Family Chiropractic of Peoria | Dr. Kyle JohnsonPeoriaILWellness/Weight Management
Stubbendieck Chiropractic & Rehabilitation CenterMedinaOHWellness/Weight Management
Lafayette Chiropractor | Dr John SullivanLafayetteLAWellness/Weight Management
Sunshine Chiropractic ClinicKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Sunshine Chiropractic | Drs. Barry Sunshine, Brian Sunshine, Donald Thompson & Matthew SunshineMaryvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Swart Gary DrMindenLAWellness/Weight Management
Symmetry Chiropractic & Wellness | Dr. Tim and Kate EricksonNapervilleILWellness/Weight Management
Axis Chiropractic | Dr. Rabbonni Tacusalme and Dr. Lisa Mercury-ReaSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Dr. Sheree Allen Chiropractic, Inc.San FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
The Bushman Clinic of Chiropractic | Dr. Dennis BushmanKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
The Chiropractic Wellness Center of Hudson | Dr. Jodie IzzoHudsonOHWellness/Weight Management
Total Health Chiropractic | Dr. Johanna StephensonAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Trinity Chiropractic Clinic - Dr. Jon ZeaglerNatchitochesLAWellness/Weight Management
Triune Chiropractic | Dr. Timothy Husser, DCAkronOHWellness/Weight Management
Turning Point Alternative Care & Chiropractic Center | Dr. Kimberly GarvinSarasotaFLWellness/Weight Management
Spine Solution Chiropractic | Drs. Yong Jae Chung & Ryan HurLos AngelesCAWellness/Weight Management
University Chiropractic & Wellness | Dr. Patricia Kiser and Dr. Mason OrmePalo AltoCAWellness/Weight Management
Valley Chiropractic Wellness Center | Drs. Thomas Wuerth & Clayton WilliamsCummingGAWellness/Weight Management
Valley Chiropractic | Dr. Claudia KindleSan FranciscoCAWellness/Weight Management
Athletic & Family Chiropractic | Drs. John Van Tassel, Asha Fields Brewer & Brian FarrellTallahasseeFLWellness/Weight Management
City Chiropractic & Wellness | Dr. Daniel KlingerNew YorkNYWellness/Weight Management
Vermilion Chiropractic Clinic | Dr. Derek Nguyen, DCAbbevilleLAWellness/Weight Management
Virginia Hill Chiropractic | Drs. Kristofor Peterson and Adam EisamanAtlantaGAWellness/Weight Management
Vitality Chiropractic | Dr. David Basista and Dr. Grace Lau-BasistaSan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Volunteer Chiropractic | Dr. James D. Watkins KnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Waltemate Wellness Center | Dr. Scott Waltemate, DCShreveportLAWellness/Weight Management
Warwick Chiropractic CenterKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Watkins Family Chiropractic - Charles Watkins, DCLa PlaceLAWellness/Weight Management
Peninsula Wellness Centre | Dr. Chris Watson, DCMountain ViewCAWellness/Weight Management
Well Balanced Chiropractic | Dr. Ankur Prakash and Barak MerazNew YorkNYWellness/Weight Management
Austin Skye Wellness | Dr. Chris BarrasAustinTXWellness/Weight Management
Ladow Laser & Chiropractic ClinicOaklandCAWellness/Weight Management
West Haven ChiropracticKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
West Knox Chiropractic Group | Dr. Alan Lensgraf and Dr. Wendell EllisKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Acorn Wellness Center | Elon Bartlett, DCOaklandCAWellness/Weight Management
Whitman E M Dr ChiroprctrShreveportLAWellness/Weight Management
Wiegand Bobbi DCWest MonroeLAWellness/Weight Management
Wilkerson ChiropracticKnoxvilleTNWellness/Weight Management
Williams Chiropractic PC | Dr. Mark WilliamsClevelandTNWellness/Weight Management
Willow Chiropractic | Dr. Robyn Kubo-ManleySan JoseCAWellness/Weight Management
Peter William McManus, D.C. LLCChicagoILWellness/Weight Management