The Program

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Have you tried and tried and tried to lose weight but failed every time?
  • Does your clothes fit a bit more snug in places that you don't want them to?
  • Have you lost confidence in yourself because you 'used' to look like that?
  • Does it seem like some of your friends can simply stop eating a day and lose 10lbs and you can't?

Well, we are here for you.  At RenewedMe, we offer flexible, supervised weight loss programs designed to help you meet your health and lifestyle goals.  Our programs feature:

  • A FREE, comprehensive health assessment system
  • Dietary support, based on your personal food preferences
  • Supplemented appetite suppressants and metabolism enhancing products
  • One-on-one physical activity and lifestyle support to help increase your success
  • A convenient dietary system that is tailored to fit your busy schedule
  • Maintenance programs for long term results

Historically, weight loss programs have been unsuccessful because they only offered one aspect of a comprehensive program needed to help you achieve success.  These programs either provided nutrition, fitness services, dietary prescriptions or supplements or other lifestyle products and services.  RenewedMe has designed its programs to encircle you with needed resources to significantly increase your likelihood of success.  With highly qualified medical professionals at the epicenter, you will receive the most comprehensive weight loss services available in the market today.

We have partnered with premier medical professionals, considerate weight loss trainers, noted dietitians, well-appointed fitness centers, world-class pharmacies and all-natural supplement distributors to offer the most comprehensive weight-loss program available today.  Our partners offer services that are sensitive to weight gain and the challenges associated with losing weight for medical and aesthetic purposes.   We are proud partners of the following companies and individuals:

Our Weight Management Partners
Our Supplement Providers
Our Health & Fitness Partners
Our Restaurant Partners