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8-20-2016 7:38:18 AM

There comes a point in your life when enough is enough. You decide that you won't go another day with the body you have. You decide that your financial situation will no longer keep you tied to you current frustrated lot. You decide that the poisonous relationships will no longer keep you bound. When that moment occurs, that is the point that 'you' decide to change your circumstance. It is quite true that no one can really change. You are who you are, the same person who started kindergarten and went into high school and, ultimately, graduated. You still have similar insecurities and doubts. You, however, know that a different life is available. So don't spend all of your time trying to change who you are. Spend your time changing what you do.

Remember, no one can bring you to this moment. You have to get there yourself. When enough becomes enough, it is then enough for you. Then, you have to do something!