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8-3-2016 6:37:05 PM

People look for opportunity but don't realize that it is literally sitting right in front of them. When you go on a rant about not having a job or a business or money or good health or the mate of your dreams or you name it, you are face-to-face with opportunity. Opportunity is not hidden, but rests in the most obvious places, your friends' and your personal complaints. 

 In order to avail yourself to the opportunities, however, you must live inside of these complaints. Kindly listen to them, but always be prepared to do something, provide something that ameliorates these complaints. If you solve the world's problems, investors and monied people will beat a path to your door to support you. 

Your overall health - physical, mental and spiritual- depends on your being whole, complete. Therefore, solve problems, feel good that you've solve these problems and be healthy because you know that you have made a contribution to the world.  You will be happier and be more fulfilled when you are making others happy!