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8-6-2016 10:38:39 AM

The obvious first answer is to reduce the sodium and bad fat in your diet. The second answer is to do more cardiovascular exercises (something that we will detail in future blogs/posts). Finally, one of the best exercises to reduce/eliminate cellulite is the flat leg curl machine. The following are instructions on how to use this equipment:

1. Lie face down and place the back of your ankles under pad. Make adjustments to the pad if necessary
2. Position your knees just off the end of pad and grip the handles
3. Keeping your hips in contact with the pad, slowly bend your knees until your ankles are close to your buttocks
4. Slowly return the weight with to the starting position in one controlled movement
5. That's 1 - do this for 12 to 15 repetitions for 3 to 4 sets