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8-8-2016 7:40:22 AM

Researchers have long concluded that stress is a key contributor to long-term health anomalies. These conditions impact not only your quality of life, but also your quantity of life. It is important to identify those issues that cause stress and immediately address them because failing to do so will add physical components to mental challenges.

The long-term consequences of an anxiety-filled life reeks havoc on your body. Given the passage of time and the cumulative impact of stress, the mental challenges become physical. Researchers have concluded that the following is a partial list of physical maladies brought on by stress:

- Destroys the body’s natural resistance to infections, illnesses and, most importantly, cancer
- Causes infertility and sexual dysfunction
- Stimulates fat accumulation and storage
- Encourages sodium retention
- Increases Type II diabetes
- Deposits cholesterol into your blood vessels
- Increases heart rate, thus, exacerbate blood pressure, and thicken arteries and blood, which leaves you more prone to heart attacks and/or strokes

Now that you clearly know that stress kills, it is important to know your stressors and find a way to reduce or eliminate them immediately. We will provide meditation, exercises and other techniques that can help you reduce your anxiety-filled life in future blogs.  However, check out this YouTube video describing how others reduce stress.