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8-5-2016 8:35:00 AM

It is important for us to understand that the investments we make are important. Time, money, energy, activity and other resources are of limited supply. Therefore, how we spend and what we spend these resources on will make a difference in the return and/or outcome that we will realize.

Letting those in our social network see the outward beauty and class that we convey is an important return on the money we spend to adorn ourselves in the latest fineries. Being complimented for having nice clothes or beautiful skin or even a nice body is what builds our self-confidence and makes us feel good. It is, however, more important for us to balance our investment of outward adornments with that of our inward health.

We often believe that we get what we pay for in every way, but our health. We too often take short shortcuts when it comes to the internal investments of our bodies. We are willing to settle for low quality food, supplements, skincare and activity because the perceived 'cost' is too high. The cost that I speak of is not only monetary, but time, energy and effort. Instead, we are willing to take shortcuts and purchase expensive clothes, shoes, cars and other outward facing amenities to mask our lack of good health or to give an impression of 'perceived' good health.

Financial advisors typically make investments based on a time horizon that will enable their clients to meet a specific set of goals and objectives. We must learn to apply this same principle to our health. We must make appropriate investments of eating, activity, supplementation and skincare based on the time horizon and goals and objectives we have in mind. I Love the New Me will provide helpful advice and support to guide you along this investment path.